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Bitcoinate helps you to get supported by providing a simple, appealing and secure solution to receive bitcoin donations. Just copy the specified Javascript link and the HTML button in your website and you're ready to go!

  1. Recognition

    The beautiful buttons are easy to recognize and your visitors instantly know that they can support you by donating bitcoins.

  2. Simple to use

    Integrate the Javascript link at the end of the website-body and paste the html to the places where you want the button to appear. Could it be easier?

  3. Secure

    It's easy to make a mistake while copying a bitcoin address. To minimize the risk of copying a wrong address, the bitcoinate button opens a prompt window which lets you easily copy the bitcoin address.

Create a Button

Create a customised bitcoinate button and include it into your website.

Let's the button open an prompt window from which you can easily copy the bitcoin address.

Opens your bitcoin client with the specified fields already filled out.
(Attention: This is still a beta-feature. It will only work in a few browser - operating-system - bitcoin-client combinations.)




If you like the Idea of this website, please help me to spread the word and to establish bitcoinate as a trusted and popular way to receive support for your work.
You already use the bitcoinate button? Let me know!

Also consider a bitcoination (bitcoin donation) to support me and bitcoinate.
Thanks! =)